A Definitive Note – A Handy Guide To Robot Drawn Anime.

A Definitive Note – A Handy Guide To Robot Drawn Anime.

Hello everyone, today I must give you all a hand on something that you may be struggling to understand. You see, a certain article appeared today talking about a part of the body we use very often. We use them to get a grip on things. We use them to say hello to people. I’m actually using them right now to write this article. I’m talking about…hands.

The ‘thumbs-up’ Manoeuvre. In some cultures this is a positive message while others this is incredibly offensive. Such is the difficulty of using hands.

Hands are an incredibly powerful instrument of our body. They can point at things, which is useful if you want to point out UFOs to trick villains in order to make a quick escape. They can hold various utensils like forks, kazoos and glowsticks with relative ease. They are also used to hold fancy decorations like rings, both the golden kind and the onion kind.

So why am I talking about hands all of the sudden? Well, you may remember a few weeks ago, I revealed that the anime industry’s good and greatest are now robots due to an evil piece of ransomware released by P.A.Works. The article ended with the conclusion that despite all animators in the industry now being robots, there was going to be no noticeable drop in quality in anime.

Ci5hA5AWUAACc1s.jpg large.jpg
The ‘OK’ Manoeuvre. If you squint a bit, it looks like you’re saying “OK” but in some cultures it could mean that you’re saying someone’s worthless. Such is the difficulty of using hands.

Unfortunately people took this to mean that now meant that robot animators didn’t use hands to make anime anymore. After all, they’re robots. Why would a robot need to use or even have to have hands to make anime? They surely have other ways of making anime, like using their feet or their noses.

Despite the anime industry being almost entirely roboticized over the last month, animators are still using hands to create anime. The following list lists some ways that the anime industry are continuing to use hands to make anime despite their current situation.

[NutBladder][ReinForce] Hidamari Sketch x365 - SP2 (BDRip 1280x720 x264 FLAC).mkv_snapshot_05.22_[2016.06.01_16.40.00].png
The ‘V’ Manoeuvre. Used to show peace, victory and if you face it the other way…well let’s just say it’s a very impolite way of telling people to leave. Such is the difficulty of using hands.

1. To hold drawing utensils.

Anime at its very core is a bunch of drawings that move around in fancy ways with some people talking and music on top of it. In order to actually make drawings, you have to draw them. Drawing things typically involves using drawing utensils like pencils and pens and they are key to creating anime if you are a robot or not.

Some people say that digital anime doesn’t require the use of drawing utensils to which I wholeheartedly disagree. People now suddenly think that because something is digital, it just gets generated from nothing. Not even robotic animators are that advanced to synthesise drawings from nothing. So until then, robotic hands are used to draw things.

2. To open the door.

Without hands, our armies of animator robots wouldn’t be able to open the door to the animation studio to start their work. This doesn’t just involve turning the handle on the door but also unlocking the door if they just so happen to be the first staff member that arrives that day. Some animators have had their hands modified to have a key attachment that can easily open the door with little fuss at all.

The ‘fist’ Manoeuvre. This is typically used to either show happiness but if used incorrectly it can also be used to knock someone out. Such is the difficulty of using hands.

3. To make fun gestures during interviews.

If one of our roboticized staff members ends up getting particularly popular, they may need to be interviewed by the press because the anime they were making went particularly well with audiences. Unfortunately robots tend to be pretty bad at interviews, with them only saying a few pre-recorded soundbites to get their word across. A recent interview with Sayo Yamamoto recently had her say some very strange things.

I: What would you say is the reason why Yuri!!! on ICE was a success?

S: We can safely say that we had a strong and stable production that was able to deliver an anime that was the will of the people.

It just doesn’t work does it?

One way that these awkward situations can be avoided is the usage of hand gestures while talking. It is alleged that animators have gained an update in recent days that allows them to gesticulate like Italians when talking. This allows their robotic language to come off far better than usual in video interviews. Unfortunately this has yet to improve their abilities in audio and transcripts of interviews.

The ‘Finger Gun’ Manoeuvre. Can be used light-heartedly like the picture above but some masterful and crazy beings have used this technique to fire giant steel bullets at you. Such is the difficulty of beating hands.

Final Thoughts.

There are numerous amounts of other ways that robots use their hands in the production of anime. However this doesn’t mean that all animators regained hands when they were subjected to roboticizing. Some gained hooks, some gained weird squid-like appendages.

Despite this, the industry is not on the verge of collapse as animators have adapted to their new metallic ways of thinking and have been able to still produce anime at the same quality as before. The sad thing is that we are still without answers as to when Japanese anime workers will be reverted back into squishies. Nobody has come forward to reverse the effects of the roboticizing as of the publication of this article.


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