A Definitive Note – Wishing upon a star…

A Definitive Note – Wishing upon a star…

Hello everyone, today is the 7th of July which in Japan is known as Tanabata, a day where two star-crossed lovers get to meet each other, only for 24 hours though. It’s a day where people make wishes and hope that they come true. Sounds pretty nice huh.

What you may not know is that Tanabata and the Anime Industry have had a very interesting relationship in its lifetime. This information has been under wraps for a very long time and so, it’s of no surprise that many enthusiasts haven’t got a clue on the subject.

[Ayako] Jewelpet Sunshine - 02 [720p][18CF77DD].mkv_snapshot_02.21_[2017.07.07_23.07.45].png
The deep depths of space. The place where stars are found…and weird floating jewels.

The endless energy of the stars…

Stars contain huge amounts of energy. In fact, it would take roughly 1.76 quadrillion “ganbares” to give someone the energy equivalent of what the Sun gives off per second, which by all accounts is a lot of encouragement to give. So it’s no wonder that people may want to harness that energy for their own ends and the anime industry would be after that energy. After all, they don’t have enough people endlessly saying “ganbare” to sustain them.

There is just one problem though. How do you actually gather the energy from stars? They’re too far away for us to get to and if you got anywhere near one, you’d more than likely disintegrate into tiny space dust, which is not something anyone would be willing to do.

Someone making a wish on Tanabata. Maybe that wish will come true?

Making a ‘wish’…

As you may have noticed over the last twenty years, anime production has gone through the roof with over 200 anime series produced per year over the last few years. People have wondered how studios are able to keep up this level of production. It took decades of research to get to this point but studios are now able to harness Star Energy into the production of new anime.

The way this is achieved is that it Star Energy can only be gathered on Tanabata itself. Meaning that currently anime studios are clamouring to get their yearly supply of Star Energy before they run out. It’s a bit like a timed event on your favourite Free to Play game, you want to take advantage while you still can.

How the energy gathering is achieved is by wishing for it. Studio employees gather together and hang up their wishes on the tree which quickly gathers Star Energy ready for use. The wishes can be pretty much anything but the more positive the better. Studio WIT’s wishes for instance involves employees wishing for more energy drinks to sustain them on their 24+ hour animation stints. Don’t worry though, Orihime and Hikoboshi do make sure WIT employees get their Monster Energy as well as their Star Energy.

This guy’s wish didn’t come true, he feels devastated.

What’s the catch?

While Tanabata only comes but once a year, there is still a very conveniently placed star that gives energy all the time, the Sun. Anime Studios like many other establishments, are able to use solar panels to gather energy. Of course this technique is diminished when the skies are grey but it gets the job done most of the time.

You may have also learnt that Orihime and Hikoboshi fail to meet in the event that cloudy skies are observed on Tanabata. This means that a bit of bad weather could screw up the entire production! Studio’s do try to manage though with the aforementioned energy drinks but sometimes you need some pure cosmic power to drive things forward!




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