A Definitive Guide To Summer 2017 Anime.

A Definitive Guide To Summer 2017 Anime.

Hello everyone, it seems that we have new anime and that can be a very confusing and exciting time for all. We are all too familiar with having to ask gullible kind people to watch shows for us, so that we can be able to watch anime in confidence.

That’s where Definitive Anime Review comes in, to help you out in your time of need. I’ll be describing every anime this season for you, so you don’t have to.

I won’t be going through all the TV Shorts because this would go on forever but please be aware that Teekyuu is starting it’s 9th season! It’s probably the only one worth mentioning anyway.


Kakegurui is an anime about gambling and high stakes schooling. Everyone in the school is addicted to gambling, without fail.


Fate/Apocrypha is an anime that has people fighting over a very interesting cup in the most stylish way possible. They’ve apparently fought over this cup before but it’s probably a good idea that they fight over it again just to make sure.


Katsugeki Touken Ranbu is the second in a series of anime about swords who are also boys. These boys who are also swords, keep getting into wars and fighting people but this time, the bad guys are time travellers who want to ruin everything.


Koi to Uso is about a carp who gets into trouble from the law because of aggravated assault caused by it splashing in someone’s face. It’s a gripping procedural police drama with lots of courtroom action that will definitely keep you watching.

All of that was a lie by the way.

DEOapNiWAAArSqv.jpg large

New Game!! is the second season of New Game!, you can tell because the new one has two exclamation marks instead of one. So if you want to watch this, you have to watch the first one. Sorry.


Gamers! is another video game based anime that’s airing this season. This one is about very typical high school students getting into relationships that just so happens to be in a video game club. Just a coincidence really.


Restaurant in Another World is well, a restaurant in another world. It’s not in this world, it’s in that world. They probably serve food to people like restaurants do. You could probably do better if you watch Kitchen Nightmares, which is better than any anime cookery show.

Ah yes, the Top 27. Because 30 is too much and 25 is just a weird number. Let’s congratulate the visionary who made this amazing title-card for their video.

Owarimonogatari (Ge) is more Monogatari! If you’ve made it this far then you must know what the hell this series is about so you don’t need it explained. If you’re new to Monogatari, you need to watch everything else before you can watch this and any explanation would be completely pointless for you.


Knight’s & Magic is the story of yet another otaku dying (in a car accident this time) and then being reincarnated into another world but this time he loves giant robots, so that’s slightly better right?


Ballroom e Youkoso is about a boy with no friends who finds a life doing ballroom dancing. The description by Kodansha mentions that this is a very “high-octane world”. I can assume from this that the dancers are fuelled with petrol and this is actually a spinoff of Fast and Furious.


Hajimete no Gal is an anime about Gal Gadot probably. Can’t really think what else it could be.


Made in Abyss is about a girl who goes to an abyss thinking it’s a nice place to go to. I’m sure endlessly deep places are pretty good tourist destinations so I can’t imagine this going badly wrong in later episodes. Certainly nothing…you know…out of the ordinary is going to happen, right?

DEN330gXUAADE4M.jpg large.jpg

In Another World With My Smartphone has yet another nerd die in accidental circumstances and has been sent to another world with the item of his choice, which just happens to be his smartphone. You’ve got to wonder if he’s got a good reception out there.


Jikan no Shihaisha is about someone who wanted to turn back time but unfortunately released some demons who eat time. This begs the question of what time actually tastes like. Perhaps if you watch this anime you’ll find out.


Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun is a boy who is obsessed with being clean and just so happens to be very good at football (or soccer depending on where you live). Expect him to randomly use Shake and Vac on the pitch at any given time.


THE REFLECTION is an anime that involves that bloke who appears for a few seconds in all the Marvel movies. In fact he appears in this anime too so you know it’s high quality from the start!


Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e
is about a high school with very nice perks like bringing whatever you like to school but as we all know, bringing anything you want to school can lead to very bad things happening.


Shoukoku no Altair has more wars and this time there’s assassinations and political intrigue! There’s going to be visceral combat that is an intensely immersive experience. e-sports.


Vatican Miracle Examiner is an anime that involves a team of miracle examiners from the Vatican because there’s been a wave of fake miracles going around. Mai Mai Miracle is thankfully, not a fake miracle.


Nana Maru San Batsu is a high school anime but this time it’s about quizzes! Will the main character be a Mastermind at school and eventually embark on a University Challenge? I doubt the anime will go that far to be honest.


Dive!! continues the yearly summer tradition of aquatic anime. Last year we had deep sea diving, we’ve also had swimming races and now we have high diving. I look forward to next year’s synchronised swimming anime seeing as that’s the only way to go now.


Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou is about a boy who goes to…err high school but this time he needs to get some accommodation which leads him to living in a spooky apartment. What could possibly go wrong here!


Konbini Kareshi is nice anime about going to the local convenience store. You’ve got six different people that all go to high school but also like going grocery shopping. Nice!


A Centaur’s Life follows the life of a centaur. That life being entirely in high school. The rest of life doesn’t actually exist outside of high school. There are other supernatural creatures in this high school which makes this the first definitely not-normal high school this season!


18if is err…I actually don’t know what it is. Nobody knows what it is. Let’s just say it’s the number 18 and the word “if” put together and leave it at that.


Saiyuuki Reload Blast takes place in India and something happened 500 years ago that might do bad things to the main characters. Their journey in India should be pretty fun though.


Hitorijime My Hero is another anime that literally nobody has any understanding of. Is it about heroes? Is it about Hitorijimes? Nobody knows.


Battle Girl High School is yet another one set in a high school except this time it’s just girls. These ones like battling and now have to fight aliens for survival. At this point you might as well not even call it a school, it’s not like they’ll learn anything will they.


Hina Logi ~from Luck & Logic~ is related to Luck & Logic, an anime that aired not so long ago. If you watched that you’ll probably understand what this actually is.


Hell Girl S4 is the fourth season of Hell Girl. For those who want their fix of this, six of these are “reminiscence” episodes, which sounds suspiciously like “recap” episodes to me.


Symphogear AXZ is the fourth season of Symohogear, you wouldn’t guess from the title because who knows what those letters mean. Symphogear is probably going to be one of the best anime this season. Shame that as of time of writing, it is unavailable to watch on anime streaming websites. Crunchyroll even had an article tempting people with it, those scoundrels!


Tenshi no 3P! shouldn’t actually exist. It should be launched off the face of the Earth with a large catapult, never to be seen again.


Action Heroine Cheer Fruits has many girls vying for supremacy in being the best action heroine in Japan! They might not have to beat up real monsters but they will beat up men in rubber monster suits which is still good enough.


Marvel Future Avengers is the second anime that’s related to Marvel airing this season. This one is a MADHOUSE anime, so I presume everyone is going to say how great the animation is and how every kids show needs to be animated by them.

We’ll wait and see on that oneColorful-Circle-Fractal-3-2400px.png

Magical Circle Guru Guru is the final show on our list. This one is a remake of an old 90’s anime. You know, before all anime became all like that bloke from The Simpsons. So I can promise it will be something like Mad Bull 34 but with magic!


And there you have it folks. Every anime, wonderfully described for you all. I hope this was all helpful for you all!



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